About Heart + Soul

Our Vision

Great things happen when you put in all your heart + soul.

We believe every wedding and couple is unique and our goal is to confirm that your film truthfully and authentically represents that. Your finished product will be a custom-crafted visual experience that reflects your personality, the spirit of your wedding day with a focus on narratives that matter most to you.

Our Team

William Leung

Owner / Storyteller

William is a cinephile, an art lover, an adventurer. His best friend is his English Bulldog Banksy and they both enjoy food way too much. His passion is filmmaking and telling stories through his camera lens.

He tends to get obsessive over minor details during editing. It's a blessing and a curse!

Jason Willis


Jason likes to travel and visit new Michigan restaurants/breweries with his camera (and friends). He is typically referred to as the "Jack of all Trades,' as his talents extend far beyond filmmaking. He is also a gifted photographer, graphic designer and musician.

He has great eye for visual composition and candid moments.

Kyle McGrath


Kyle is a former singer of a rock band, a work out enthusiast and camera tech aficionado. He takes great pride in being the first to share breaking news about a new camera!

His hard work ethic and strong desire to help the Heart + Soul team grow are only a few reasons why he's a valuable asset to the company!

Jennifer Fleck

Studio Manager / Producer

Jennifer started out as a client of Heart + Soul for her wedding in 2016, and quickly fell in love with the company and the process. She asked Will if he needed any help, and the rest is history!

Jennifer enjoys being a foodie with her husband, traveling to new places, and hearing all about our couple's wedding plans!