Rachael + Tom // Reaction Video

This is Bodhi Tree Films first time making a reaction video. We never know what to expect when we first start making these wedding videos. Rachael + Tom were our first couple who let us sit down with them and watch their video for the first time. Rachael + Tom were high school sweethearts and it all started with a school dance that led to a pink promise ring in high school. This couple has been inseparable ever since. The high school sweethearts wrote love letters to each other on their wedding day. Rachael said “I just want to fall in love with him over and over again.” Tears ran down Rachel’s face as she watched their wedding love story. Rachael + Tom remembered their wedding day perfectly after they watched their film.

“When you see the emotion, laughter and tears, then it all makes sense to us on why we do this,” said Bodhi Tree Films owner, Will Leung. “We want to craft the perfect story.”

The big unknown from making these videos is how the couples will react to their homemade films. To watch someone’s reaction is everything and this is our passion, this is the way we tell the cinematic story. Thank you again for letting us film your wedding day and reaction video, Rachael + Tom!

Cinematography: Bodhi Tree Films
Venue: Silver Shores Waterfront
Photography: Jessica Musser Photograph
DJ: Mike Rundel

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To watch this wedding film:

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