Bodhi Tree Films’ New Branch – Heart + Soul

Bodhi Tree Films is expanding! To continue to meet the needs of my couples, I’ve created a new branch (get it?) – Heart + Soul. The goal of Heart + Soul is to increase our focus on weddings, build stronger relationships with our couples and continue to push the limits of cinematic storytelling, while Bodhi Tree Films will relaunch as a brand focused solely on commercial/passion film projects, as it was originally intended to be.
Working in the wedding industry the past 4 years has taught us a lot about ourselves but the single most important thing it has done is add fire to an already incredible passion for what we do. It just made sense to give to our couples our undivided attention, our full commitment and our heart and soul in telling their stories truthfully and authentically. We’re grateful we get the exciting opportunity to share our couple’s unique stories from our perspective and now with Heart + Soul, it will allow us to grow and continue to tell exciting love stories for many, many years to come.

-William Leung

Rachael + Tom // Reaction Video

We never know what to expect when we first finish these wedding films. We ourselves, are extremely proud of the films we make and are hopeful our couples feel the same way. But we’ve never had the opportunity to see their reaction first-hand, only through emails and texts. Rachael + Tom were our first couple who invited us sit down with them and watch their video for the first time. They were high school sweethearts matched up by Rachael’s twin sister, Natalie. The funny thing is, Tom originally asked Natalie out first. You would think this was make for interesting and awkward circumstances going forward but everyone took it in stride and Rachael + Tom have been inseparable ever since. They represent the truest sense of the term “best friends,” and this film was the hallmark of a love story 13 years in the making. There were a number of different ways we could have approached this story but we  ultimately decided to focus on a narrative that authentically revealing about them ; a long history, family and true love.

As they’re watching their film, their reactions range from laughter to sentimental t0 emotional, then come the tears (only Rachael though, Tom is pretty stoic). And then I realize this is why we do this…we put in so much work and effort – from the meetings, to planning, shooting, storyboarding, editing that we sometimes wonder is it all worth it? But when you actually see your couples priceless reaction in person, it really does put everything into perspective. Every creative decision we make contributes to the greater sum of the experience…and that’s what it’s all about, the experience. The hard work is absolutely worth it and it has only inspired us to keep on telling more stories. We sincerely wish all our clients react the same way the first time they watch their film, at least that’s always the goal for us. Thank you again for inviting us to tell your love story and reaction video and we hope your story continues to grow in new and exciting ways, Rachael + Tom!

Cinematography: Bodhi Tree Films
Photography: Jessica Musser Photography
DJ: Mike Rundel

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