Sarah + Max

I would say this is one of the most important wedding films we’ve made. If, for no other reason than to show the significance of having a wedding film.

Sarah’s mother passed away just weeks before the wedding. We wanted to imbue and honor her spirit into the video in a way that felt authentic and not contrived. But at the same time, we didn’t want that narrative to take away the importance of the day from Sarah + Max. It was a tricky, delicate balance and we made many versions of the video but ultimately, I believe we nailed the final version. We hope you agree!


Love Stories TV | Love Story of the Year

We learned of some cool news! Not only was Samantha + Zachary’s film the most watched video on Love Stories TV in 2017 but it has been nominated for People’s Choice – Love Story of the Year!

We would greatly appreciate it if you could cast a vote for us! Our mission from day one was to completely commit ourselves to telling meaningful, timeless stories and winning this award would be a great accomplishment in that pursuit! Thank you from the bottom of our heart + soul!

Extra thanks to the incredible creative team who all worked so hard to help put together this beautiful story!

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