David + Elizabeth

David + Elizabeth didn’t have your typical wedding. They have been together for 10 years and waited until everyone had the opportunity to be married. They didn’t have a formal maid of honor or best main either, there weren’t a ton of speeches and they didn’t have a first dance. Their wedding was completely non-traditional because that’s the way they are. Their relationship began as friends and blossomed into something serious. They were two old-souls that crossed paths to find each other. The two became one under the chuppah on October 3, 2015 and their wedding and reception was both celebrated at Goldner Walsh Garden & Home in Pontiac, Michigan.

Our take:

We clicked with David + Elizabeth because they are a very self-less and genuine couple. They push each other together for the better and always have fun together. Their wedding was filmed in the greenhouse and we wanted their video to feel very light and airy. Elizabeth + David are incredibly fun and goofy together – from the sharp sense of humor to Elizabeth grabbing David’s butt during the first look – we wanted to capture their personality authentically. They are all about family and close friends and we wanted to show all the communal love throughout this video.

We structured this film into essentially three short stories. The first story focused on bringing their family and friends into the video to speak about their sincerity and playfulness. The second part was about Elizabeth + David, their vows and their complete devotion to each other. The last part of this film transitioned into everybody coming together to culminate with lots of dancing and laughing. Another important focus into making Elizabeth + David’s film was the creative process of reflecting their personality and loose vibes from the rustic venue. We shot much of the day with handheld cameras, we color-graded this film with warmer colors and choose a very unique and diverse soundtrack to complement each story. Happy Anniversary Elizabeth + David, we loved filming your special day!

Storytellers: Heart + Soul
Photo: Stephanie Bassos
DJ: DJ Tom T
Venue: Goldner Walsh Garden

Katie + Charlie

Katie + Charlie met at the Grosse Pointe Shores pool. Charlie was working as the lifeguard and Katie playing nanny watching her cousins. Katie is sweet, soft-spoken and compassionate while Charlie is funny, witty and extremly confident- he just had a hunch that Katie would be his girlfriend someday and after two weeks of patiently waiting for the right moment, he finally decided to make his dream a reality and asked Katie out. Seven years later he took Katie back to the pool where it all began and asked her to marry him. The two were married at St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church and their reception was held at the Atheneum Hotel in Detroit. This couple was all smiles and laughs and I loved that about them.

Our take:
We loved their backstory about the pool and it was a great way to introduce you into to the couple and shed light on their character. They’re incredibly sincere and genuine. Their family members and Maid of Honor offered great sound bytes and perspective to support the story as well so it just made sense to make this backstory a central narrative. 

Humor and smiles are a big part of Katie + Charlie’s dynamic and we wanted that to shine through their entire film. Other themes unique to them were family, faith and Detroit. Working alongside our photography friends Adrienne and Amber, we we’re able to find some beautiful, unique Detroit landscapes like the Belt Alley and the rooftop of the Atheneum to capture photo/video session. We tied together the theme of humor and fun in the the last act as friends, family all dance and laugh with Katie + Charlie, making it a night to remember for all time. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and success, stay laughing together. Congratulations to the fun-loving couple, enjoy your anniversary Katie + Charlie!

Fun tidbit: Charlie also works in video so you bet we wanted to be on the top of our game with this film!

Storytellers: Heart + Soul

Photo: Weddings by Adrienne & Amber

DJ: Dramatic Dimensions Entertainment

Venues: St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church // Atheneum Hotel